Laura Gallagher

Higher Fitness  is the result of the vows of a little girl and determination of one woman by the name of Laura Gallagher.

Laura is a woman with a mission.
A Mission that she believes will change her loving heart home country of Ireland into a free obesity nation.
You see for Laura health and fitness is something that is very personal.
At the young age of eleven Laura lost her father due to a disease brought on by his type 2 diabetes. She herself had been diagnosed with a metabolic disease and overactive thyroid brought on through her poor genetics.

But even at eleven Laura was determined to reverse the cruel hand that fate had dealt her. She vowed that she would find a way to reverse her own genetic code and help as many people as she could live happier and healthier lifestyles.

And today that vow still rings true as Laura continues her quest to make the world a better place by educating people on healthy eating and nutrition. Leading by example  has helped hundreds of people to become healthier and better version of themselves.

Her passion for nutrition and love of helping people has no match and continues to grow every day.
Here are just a few things Laura has been able to accomplished in her spawning career;

  • In 2013 she was involved in the Free Fitness Class sponsored by Dublin City Council to raise awareness of a Healthy lifestyle.
  • Running a Wellness Weight Loss Challenge Support Group designed with the help of award winning scientist and Nobel Prize Winners.
  • She is a member of the JCI Junior Chamber International on a project that will be presented to the Education and Health Ministry.
  • As NLP Licensed Practitioner Cindy has been trained in Nutrition by award winning doctors all over Europe.
  • As a Member of “Women and Business Network in Dublin” she has actively been involved in promoting a healthier lifestyle to reduce the cost brought on by an overweight population.
  • Was invited as a collaborator on both TV and Radio Programs in Dublin
  • Trained by Dr. Tania Singer who is a director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

Here at Higher Fitness we feel honored to be led by such a distinguished and talented woman.
We look forward to seeing her grown in her career and seeing her mission through to make Ireland and the World a better place.

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